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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  April 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> the news at 6:00 starts right now. the city's top cop lays down the law on aggressive motorbike gangs in the city. the new plan to get rid of them for good. >> gusty winds, constant rain and freezing temperatures. get ready. in hours, it will feel like winter. >> a super star scholar meets a teen who was accepted to all eight ivy league schools and then some. good evening. >> an aggressive push to rid the city of roge motorcycle gangs that threaten drivers and pedestrians. >> as part of zero tolerance policy, the city will hold a public crush in to destroy confiscated bikes. marcia kramer with the motorbike crack down. >> reporter: they are a menace and danger. roge motorcycle gangs that terrorize motorists and
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new york city is not going to take it anymore. >> individuals operating the bikes, knuckle heads, i describe this as a big problem in the sense of the danger and risk that these clowns present in terms of their pack mentality where they have no concern for public safety at all. they're up on sidewalks, in and out of traffic. >> the folks who do this think they have a right to bother everyone else. >> reporter: at the monthly briefing on crime statistics officials said they have begun a new crack down. since the first of the year they have confiscated 312 motorcycles, dirt bikes, atvs. that's twice as many as last year and they're only just beginning. >> we have made 65 seizures in the last two weeks. >> reporter: a man, his wife, and daughter were surrounded and terrorized near 96th street by a biker gang. this will include a public ceremony where confiscated bikes will be crushed and sold
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>> they're not going to be happy when we take those damn things and crush them. >> reporter: announcement of the motorcycle crack down distracted attention from the fact that slashes and stabbings are up 21%. 899 slashes and stabbing so far this year compared to 746 last year. there were two last friday including one at the a train station in lower manhattan, another near subways at penn station where a panhandler reportedly stabbed a man who refused to give him money. both incidents happened at locations and times outside the perimeters of nypd new antistabbing initiative. no date is set for the crushing of the motorcycles which the mayor called a crush in. >> the commissioner said about 80% of bikes confiscated are not returned. he would like to make that 100%. he is also asking for the public's help in identifying places where the bikes are stored when not on the road.
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alcohol played a role in a two car crash that killed a married couple on long island. an accused drunk driver is facing charges. a violent crash killed beloved grandparents. >> reporter: relatives choked back tears walking up to the house in medford still cheerfully decorated with easter eggs and angels, the gathering place for celebrations for a couple proud of their three daughters and grandchildren now all gathering to mourn. >> eight beautiful grandchildren that loved them and they're devastated now. so is the rest of the family. >> reporter: neighbors are also heart broken, hard to imagine once. >> they were the best. they were the kind of neighbors you hoped for. their kids and their to them. family. >> reporter: william was behind the wheel of his pickup truck
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family dinner. the retiree was making a left turn onto lakeview avenue from ocean avenue when a speeding driver, 23 year old kyle glin ka of bohemia t boned their pick up, flipping it over. >> we do have witness statements at this time saying that they would have had a green light, that he traveling south bound would have ran a red light. >> the result, the keyers rushed to the hospital could not be saved. glin ka underwent surgery and is in stable condition. >> he admitted he was drinking. he smelled of alcohol. >> reporter: speeding drivers are too familiar to this resident. >> very high speeds. >> reporter: police are waiting for blood alcohol results on him. he has no criminal record. dwi charges can be elevated. >> police say he will be
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feasible. police are asking for the public's help in the search for a suspect behind a robbery that turned deadly in a hit and run in brooklyn. surveillance video shows a man police want to talk to. he is inside a nearby bakery appearing to change clothes shortly after the tragedy. investigators say just after 9:00 this morning, he tried to steal a truck on 4th avenue in the greenwood heights section. the two got into a section and delagrazia was hit and killed by his vehicle. people who knew him say he was a hard working family man. >> a great guy, man. just family and work. that's it. seven days a week. i got nothing bad to say about him, nothing. >> it breaks my heart to see the family members mourning and crying. it really hurts the whole community. >> investigators say the suspect also hit another vehicle and then ran away.
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in the wake of the latest amtrak accident. a collision yesterday between a backhoe and train that began its journey at penn station. >> reporter: inside penn station, everything seems to be on schedule, just a day after a deadly crash that killed two workers and injured dozens of passengers. >> i am very, very nervous. >> reporter: the train that crashed left new york for georgia hitting this backhoe on the tracks south of philadelphia. >> all you could see was a lot of dirt and debris flying past the train. there was a couple of fire flashes. >> reporter: while it is being investigated by ntsb, little information on the crash is being released so we spoke to a train expert. he says it seems to be a maintenance scheduling issue or even a misunderstanding among construction crews on their written instructions. >> they might have been directed wrong, might have read it wrong. >> reporter: we wanted to know what protocols are in place to
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happening on any railroad in our area. we asked point blank about procedures. new jersey transit would only send a statement. while we have safety measures in place it would be premature to discuss them in relation to the amtrak incident. we asked mta about its protocol. it would only say it's an amtrak issue. you need to talk to them, not us. we didn't receive a reply from amtrak. he says there should be a sensor system in place that warns something is on the track like you find in vehicles. it would be complicated but could be done. we went to the station to find out what amtrak passengers have to say. >> it did concern me but it didn't stop me from riding the train. >> you feel safe? >> yeah, i feel safe. >> trains are safe. this is a rare occurrence. that's why it is news. >> reporter: either the train was on the wrong track or the backhoe was in the wrong place. how quickly that will be determined is anyone's guess.
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>> despite two recent major derailments, federal railroad administration says amtrak rider ship is up almost 50% since 2000. we have an update on a fire at newark liberty airport. terminal b is open and flights are running smoothly following a morning of travel headaches. the fire started around 1:00 this morning in the ceiling of a boiler room forcing evacuation of about 200 passengers. flames were put out and people were allowed back in and then the fire started again. the terminal reopened again just before 6:00. nobody was hurt. the port authority believes a than electrical fire caused -- an electrical fire caused the fire. a new survey shows nearly half of new yorkers think all state politicians should be tossed out of office. 34% said state elected officials are capable of ending political corruption but 48%
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politicians should be voted out. also 49% of those surveyed say corruption is serious. another 37% say it is somewhat serious. temperatures steadily drop. it's going to get worse tonight. lonnie. >> consider this. many of you had snow today north of new york city, and you have not seen the coldest air yet. i will be talking about that also coming up. >> how long are we going to be without gas? how long are we going to have to complain that the building is shaking? >> some residents have lived like this for years. see the appalling conditions as neighbors ban together to fight their landlord. >> an inspirational story of success. this long island high school senior just achieved a rare feat.
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teenagers under arrest accused of fatally shooting a college student in a west chester county park. lawrence was killed early sunday morning in new rochelle. police say he was riding in a car with several friends and a new acquaintance when they got into a disagreement. witnesses told police lawrence and one of the car's occupants decided to settle it with a fist fight in lincoln park. police say during the fight, one of the other occupants pulled out a gun and shot
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his sister is devastated. >> he was a good kid. he just went to school, and he worked and he came home. >> just went to a party at his college to just come homeworks waited on his ride to come home. >> 19 year old desir was arrested a the his home -- at his home. he is charged with murder. a slumlord, conditions in his building described by tenants as horrible. they have filed a law suit. the details are new at 6:00. >> reporter: angry tenants protesting outside bronx housing court railing against what they say are unlivable conditions inside this apartment building. their landlord who the public advocate's office calls the worst landlord in the city. >> paint peeling from the walls, rats, roaches.
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part of 38 neighbors who filed a law suit for hundreds of department of housing. >> the building shakes, especially on the side i live on. i don't feel safe. >> reporter: this tenant says she has to cook on hot plates because there is no gas and hasn't been for three weeks. she showed us buckets she keeps under her sink to collect leaking water and annex posed hole in her ceiling. i went to the laundry room where we saw a huge gap in the floor which we are told has been there for at least a couple weeks. inspectors on scene from department of housing preservation and development tell me the floor collapsed. tenants seem really angry. >> reporter: the building super was tight lipped. we tried contacting the landlord for comment but we were unable to reach him. his phone was not accepting messages. tenants say something has to be
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soon enough. >> the department of housing preservation and development said it is working with the tenants' lawyers. they say workers responded to the building last month because of a sink hole. there are currently 517 open violations in the building. let's turn to our forecast. it's a case of the mondays for a lot of people today. it is hard to be motivated. >> what's the deal? >> depending where you were, you had a different day. jersey shore had temperatures in the 60s today. >> congratulations. statement. then north of the city and there was snow. big snow flakes falling with the sky today. my weather watchers are giving me the readings. it is 34 in river head, steve. he has rainfalling. let me show you what i see in new york city. i don't see much. maurice, will you not back me up?
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was 20 minutes ago. you can sort of see. it's a little bit better. you still got the rain drops, but it is a little bit better. there is light rain and fog out there. 39 is your current reading. 45 was the high. that's 12 degrees colder than it should be. it will be real cold overnight. we'll have a hard freeze, 32 or colder. a freeze watch south of new york. look at the area that's not shaded in blue or purple and you are thinking okay, it's going to be balmy. no it is not. what's going on is you have not begun your growing season so we watches. you are going to be cold. with the wind chills tomorrow below zero. the bulk of us in the metro
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vortex satellite and radar is showing a little bit snow flakes. there is a flash of sleet around bridge port towards new haven. the picture will show you this will be moving out. it's all about the temperatures that dictated what kind of day you had. southerly wind around jersey shore, you hit 61 around toms river. it was a northeast wind around places like pick ipsi. everybody deals with a cold northwest wind and everybody is cold out there in terms of wet weather and when we see it happening. the wet weather today moves out. clouds come into the area. thursday, here we go. a wet weather day. but it will be rain because we are talking a high around 60. all the numbers in terms of what we should be expecting look like this. it will be colder tonight than it was last night. we talked about the freeze warning. any rain will finish as a snow
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it is just as cold tomorrow night. we have a freeze warning already issued tuesday night into wednesday morning. your low tonight is about 27. tomorrow night the overnight low will be 26. thursday you bump up to 60 but that's when the rain chance returns. >> i think the first half of april will be colder than we expect. >> happy april. >> there you go. >> thank you, lonnie. for the second straight year, a senior from a school on long island has been accepted by all eight ivy league schools. >> hazel sanchez introduces us to this year's very bright senior. >> squeals of delight and hugs from teachers are pretty much the norm for the 17 year old. the high school senior pulled off the unthinkable for most students. she's accepted into all eight ivy league schools as well as mit.
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the phone when i told her. i was quite shocked myself. >> reporter: not shocking when you consider the 17 year old's 102 point grade average. >> i have not received a 100 on every single exam if that's what you are thinking. >> reporter: augusta got extra credit for extra work. she's already been an intel science finalist for ideas on hardening cement to prevent oil rig spills. the principal calls her a driven a plus plus student for whom the sky is the limit. >> noble prize, president. augusta can make a run at anything she wants to. >> reporter: acceptance letters come from the hall of fame of higher learning harvard, yale, brown, columbia, penn, dartmouth, cornell. one of her former classmates harold ekeh gained a sweeping ivy league acceptance just last year. classmates are bursting with school pride. >> it is honestly amazing that
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row that there is a senior that gets this far. >> reporter: augusta says she will visit all the schools before deciding where to focus her many talents and high hopes. a teen says money is a factor in deciding which college it attend so she'll look at how much she gets in scholarships. congratulations. we wish her the best. it's nice to have choices. >> yeah. we'll see who ponies up. >> anyone would be lucky to have her. >> that's great stuff. hey otis. >> [ microphone problems ]. (laughing)
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better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. tomorrow morning, is your phone making you look older. >> a lot of us have been using cell phones for years. >> wake up to the cbs 2 news tomorrow morning. let's talk about sports. the yankees postponed opening day. >> you waited this long. >> what's another day. >> that's right, the game is postponed until tomorrow because of inclimate weather. the forecast is 40 and sunny for tomorrow's make up game. same pitching match up, same time. dajavu for mets. they watched as kansas city
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second time in the season opener last night. the outcome, same as game five in november. this is a routine fly ball. the error leads to a run. mets found themselves down 4-0 before battling back. a two run single, mets are within striking distance. they had to tie one at third with one out. wright, looking. swinging. the mets lose 4-3. the big question is how did matt harvey feel after the crazy week of spring training. >> feels fine. it's not the way i wanted to start the season but we have to pick up from it and get ready for tuesday. >> i thought he threw the ball fine. the first inning he got himself in a little trouble. probably ran out of gas in the 6 6th. velocity started to drop. all in all i thought he threw fine. >> you know what the mets could
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a dyne murphy home run. unfortunately he is doing that for the nationals this year. second official at bat, he clears center field wall. it's a 2-2 game in the 8th. >> north carolina against villa nova for the men's national championship. north carolina want to punish. villa nova hopes to hurt tar heels from the outside. both coaches are expecting one heck of a game. >> the match ups are unique. we are different teams. and it's going to be a battle of wills. >> it would be a dream, a goal that we set at the start of the season if we had a chance to be the best team. now we are one of only two
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>> that game is going to be on tbs tonight. tonight, one of the times when you wish not everyone knew your name. george from cheers, first pitch. the whole bar would be making fun of him. maybe he should have called in the show's reliever to do it for him. >> it was online, just a little short. >> who we got tonight? >> i have north carolina. >> i agree. air. >> they were on fire. >> if they can keep shooting like that, not even golden them. >> we'll see. thank you o. we are back in just a minute.
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closed captioning is brought to you by lexus. don't forget to follow us on facebook and like our page. >> new at 11:00, a pet shop owner accused of selling sick puppies defended himself and now he is busted again. a discovery that has us asking why did he still have stores open? >> travel trouble.
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complaint on an airline's website would do something but we found it may never be seen. that and much more at 11:00. >> don't forget the news at 9:00 on tv me 55. meantime up next with scott pelley, republicans making plans for a convention that could dump donald trump. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. have a good evening. >> good night. >> pelley: on the eve of wisconsin, trump and kasich go at it like all get-out. >> he ought no get the hell out. >> i've got news for him, i'm going to get a heck of a lot of his voters, okay. >> pelley: also tonight, breaking news, a sight-seeing helicopter has crashed in tennessee. there are many fatalities. the growing toll from a drug far more powerful than morphine.


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